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Santa Penguin Miniature Ornament

anta Penguin Miniature Ornament
Design by Kris Richards


* Sculpey Flex, Sculpey III, or Premo! Sculpey in these colors: Red, White, Green, Black Yellow, Dusty Pink (mix a tiny bit of red and white clay)
* NOTE: These are VERY tiny miniature ornaments! You do not need much clay! Refer to picture below (see penny for size ratio of balls of clay).
* Needle tool
* X-Acto knife
* Red "phone" type vinyl coated copper wire
* Toaster oven or household oven set to bake reliably at 275 degrees
* Old baking pan lined with index card
* Wire cutters or old scissors for cutting wire
* Kemper pattern cutter: smallest flower shaped cutter
* U.S. penny (to give you a great guide on size ratio).

Begin by conditioning the clay in the amounts and colors required. Roll each piece of clay (starting with white, then yellow, pink, green, red, then finally, black). Refer to penny for size of clay balls.
Shape the largest black ball into the shape shown. Pinch one end to a point to create the penguin's tail.
Shape the largest red ball into a "golf tee" shape (or Santa hat shape).
Press the hat onto the penguin's head. Then roll the largest piece of white clay into a thin tube.
Press the white tube shape around the bottom of the hat.
Press the top of the hat over so it touches the side.
Press the last two balls of white clay flat, and shape into ovals
Press the larger one to the belly area and the smaller one on top beneath the brim of the Santa hat.
Shape the smaller balls of black clay into teardrops, and press the rounded end to the penguin's body. Use the needle tool to press a line in each.
Flatten the largest green ball of clay into a flat jelly bean shape. (Penny is for scale).
Use the needle tool to cut both ends straight, and to roll the middle thinner.
Use the needle tool to press the tie on the front of the penguin between the face and the belly.
Press a line in each side of the tie. This represents a "fold" in the tie.
Use the tiny flower cutter to make two holly leaves for the brim of the hat.
Press a line in each side as you did the tie, then add the smallest red ball of clay to the middle.
Shape the black clay remaining into a small, thin-ended snake. Use your X-acto blade to cut a very tiny sliver from the remaining piece. Use the tip of the blade to pick it up.
Press it on the front of the penguin's belly, as a tuxedo button.
Continue making three more of the "buttons," but use two of them for eyes.
Press the two, tiny pink balls of clay onto the penguin's face below his eyes, to create the cheeks.
Shape the yellow ball of clay into a cone shape. Press it onto his face between his cheeks.
Here he is so far!
Now, loop the red telephone wire around the needle as shown here.
Twist the open end around itself, and then clip with the wire cutter or old scissors.
Carefully drill a hole in the back of the hat down into the body so it will accept the twisted end of the wire easily without distorting the shape of the clay.
Press the twisted end into the hole up to where the loop begins.
Bake your penguin at 275 degrees for ½ hour. Calibrate your oven with a separate oven thermometer. If unsure bake at 260 degrees.


* Make lots of different teeny Christmas minis and decorate a tiny faux tree!
* Use them for pendants. Loop a length of round leather cording (red or green) and tie in the back. Or, make a small green red and white bead closure. Be sure the cord is long enough to pull over your head easily.
* Use him for a mini rearview mirror dangler.
* Adjust the size to make him a bit larger, and use him for a regular tree ornament.
* Hang him from the end of the ceiling fan pull!
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